Different “Types” Of NonDirective Meditation


NonDirective Types

Learning NonDirective Meditation:

Some are taught as paid courses, and some are free to learn. You can achieve the same benefits from the free lessons, but of course, you'll have less training and have to find answers to most of your questions yourself.

There are a few major categories that I'd put Nondirective into - and none of them involve concentration.

Here I will list the different types as I have time to research them.

Most of these are pretty easy to learn, with 3-5 days required.

Type #1 - Open NonDirective

This type is where you are paying attention - without effort - to something that isn't a mantra. It could be your sense of "being" or the way your body feels.

Type #2 - Mantra

A Mantra meditation is where you are repeating a mantra in your mind - more in the background of your mind, or as if you were listening to it.

Please don't mistake these descriptions as guidance - I'm just trying to help you understand the two major types of NonDirective meditation.

Although most people come to this page looking for TM (Transcendental Meditation) alternatives, we're still listing them as a viable option because of the support they give.

Major instruction in NonDirective Techniques

NonDirective.org - Our extremely reasonably priced course that's simple, and easy to learn. We keep the course updated (no PDFs or downloads) but you get access to the meditation instructions as well as a help forum where you can ask questions of us or others who are learning how to meditate with you.

[ NonDirective Course Info ]

Transcendental Meditation - They've been around since the 1970's (with the principal bringing the technique to the USA in the mid 1950's). This is taught only by a certified teacher, and is the most costly way to go.

[ Transcendental Meditation Website ]

NSR - Natural Stress Relief - They're here to make the Transcending technique more accessible by teaching their own version of it - which is one of the best ways to learn a NonDirective technique. You can order their course online for around $25, and roughly $50 if you'd like it sent to you in the mail. Obviously the download is the way to go - it comes with a PDF and an audio MP3 file for easy learning.

[ NSR (Natural Stress Relief) Website ]

Surya Meditation - Lots of good info here, and a pretty popular video on YouTube, and general "good rep" in the NonDirective community, and their method does not involve the use of a mantra. This is free!

[ Surya Meditation Website ]

Acem Meditation - Again, no personal experience here, but I know it is a well respected course that's taught by some folks who began in the TM organization. Can run $95 USD, roughly, with special pricing for full time students.

[ Acem Website ]

Conscious Mental Rest - Another one that does not make use of a Mantra.

[ Conscious Mental Rest Website ]