The Manifesto


The way things can be ...

1 - Pain

We believe that every human has pain, and some amount of stress, but that our reaction to those negatives account for 90% of the suffering we experience. In other words, life is painful, but suffering is optional.

2 - Self Knowledge & Love

We live in a world where many people could stand to get to know themselves a little better, love themselves a lot more, and be more patient with those around them. If we loved ourselves more, in a real way, we could give more, and experience for ourselves how that giving generates a unique and beautiful kind of happiness.

3 - Distraction from life

We live in an age where distraction, multitasking and hard work take away from the mere act of living life, noticing beauty and experiencing real motivation that comes from a will to make life better for ourselves, and those around us.

4 - Agreements & Unfounded beliefs

We live with a mindset that at times blindly agrees to societal "agreements" - beliefs that we accept just because they have always been there, or our parents believed them, or everyone seems to believe them.

These beliefs can be helpful, or not helpful - at times they can be extremely limiting.

What we know ...

1a - Meditation works

We know for sure that there are many ways to change for the positive in regards to the above topics, and that Nondirective Meditation is one of them. We know that some folks like mindfulness and others like concentrative meditation. Some prefer prayer. We know that each person knows what is best for them, and we can live peacefully with each other.

We know that meditation can reduce suffering by changing our reaction to life's pains, and eliminating the suffering.

2a - Meditation increases self knowledge & self love

We know that if we knew ourselves a little better, we'd see our dysfunctions for what they are, and if we loved ourselves a little more, it would be a whole lot easier to love each other.

3a - Meditation helps us be more mindful, and experience life

We know that if we stopped being distracted, on a regular basis, and just experienced life, we'd see more, have more moments, and ultimately a longer life, and better stories to tell about it. We'd know true beauty and peace.

4a - Meditation can help us free our minds from agreements and limiting beliefs

We know that if we didn't automatically accept "agreements" or "beliefs" just because we always have in the past, or others do, we'd actually be ok. Maybe better off, even. We know that it's best to think for ourselves and see situations genuinely and with open eyes, and generate our own beliefs.

5a - Meditation helps us treat others better

Finally, we know that how we treat others, and the world around us, eventually comes back to us. Call it Karma, or equal and opposite reaction, reaping what you sow ... etc., it is a real force in the universe in which we live.

What we can do ...

We can help by spreading the word, teaching folks about meditation, and covering all of the above topics with clarity and love.

So NonDirective meditation and all of the topics above are covered on this site, in an attempt to help readers live more fulfilled lives.