Don’t Let Other’s Experiences Color Your Meditation


This is something I just recently realized in a huge way.

Everyone has a reason for meditating. Those reasons are typically because of benefits we've heard of, or even experiences during meditation that we'd like to experience.

So we start to meditate, and we're really into what we're doing - and sometimes - we seek out online forums or groups where people actually describe their meditation experiences.

All of this is ok - unless you fall into the trap of thinking that you're shooting for an experience just like someone else's - or that you're doing it wrong if your experience isn't just like theirs.

Especially with nondirective meditation. That's why sometimes the guidance given to new meditators can seem so vague at times.

We want to make sure we're doing it right, and we think if we don't have the exact same experience as someone else, we might be doing it wrong.

We might hear about a change someone made to how they utilize their mantra, and decide it would be cool to try the same thing ourselves.

And while sharing these experiences can be extremely helpful in a lot of circumstances, and they're meant with the best intentions, it may not be best to try and recreate someone else's experience.

The thing to remember, is that the guidance you are given when you are taught - that's all you need. Your aim is not to match someone else's experience - your aim - and the definition of "Doing it correctly" is doing it as directed, and then letting whatever happens be OK.

Someone else's experience is their experience. Do it for your own experience. Sure it's interesting to know what someone else feels when they do the same kind of meditation, but it's life altering and profoundly important to discover what happens to you when you do that meditation.

It's a personal thing. It's self discovery. Not someone else discovery. And anything that happens during meditation is ok. You've got to get to know yourself anyway, before you can start to experience the unity that is often talked about surrounding meditation.

Trying to recreate someone else's experience, or even their methodology is forcing - it's effort, and no matter how good their ideas or methods may be, the only result for you is going to be frustration, because it is contrary to nondirective meditation in the first place to try to control or direct, or alter your natural experience.

The only things you're supposed to do / control will be pretty clearly outlined in the instruction of whatever method you determine is best oxandrolone buy in usa for you.

So just trust the instructions you're given, and let the rest be up to the unbounded, creative mind you were born with. Let it flow, don't try or put forth effort, and certainly don't alter what happens naturally, unless it comes into conflict with the instructions you were given.

You might just be amazed at how simple this all can be 🙂