Instead Of Solving Your Problems, Try Dissolving Your Problems With Meditation



I've often said that I believe that all meditation practices can lead you to the same place eventually, and that the real differences between them are the individual preferences and personalities that make one method or another easier for each individual.

The title of this post: "Instead Of Solving Your Problems, Try Dissolving Your Problems" gets credited to Gil Fronsdal, who is an amazing speaker on Buddhism and Dharma. Even though he's more a proponent of mindfulness meditation, the power that he's talking about is a benefit of any meditation, especially nondirective.

He's talking about meditation here, which brings about the change in our personalities, and in the ways we view the world.

Once those things change - a lot of times - our problems just start to dissolve. No, this isn't magic, and yes, it's true.

When you start to meditate, your relationship with the world - everything and everyone around you begins to change. With those changes, you start to realize that a lot of your problems were kind of caused ... by you.

They were caused by some of the attitudes you held that started to change when you began to meditate.  You began to soften up, and you began to see that there is a space between a situation and your reaction to it. And in that space, you began to make minor changes at first - tentative changes. You were also noticing things better now too, seeing yourself in a more realistic light. With that power of observation being clearer, you noticed that your changes were working - those different reactions that you now had the time to design yourself.

So, quite literally, meditation can dissolve problems. You don't have to figure them out, because your true nature is to be problem free - conflict free. Meditation will always bring you closer to your true nature.

As you meditate, like I said, all kinds of space opens up to you. Space to be more understanding of others. More understanding for yourself. Moments in each day where you become aware of those around you in a more real way than you previously were. That might be your boss, your employees, or your clients, or your sales prospects.

This understanding of others goes a long way - especially when coupled with the fact that you're not just reacting without that space between what they do and say - and your reaction to it.

Your reaction to personless events changes too. If your watch breaks, or your lawnmower, or whatever thing breaks - you have some appreciation for it, instead of getting angry. You will deal with the situation without anger, or frustration.

With all of this - your mood will improve, and things you previously saw as "problems" will not seem like problems anymore.

Your stress will decrease, and you might (more like probably will) notice that you feel better physically, and some health concerns may clear up on their own.

While feeling better, you may use the new energy to build a better life, and proactively build a life that is more productive and avoids problems.

Solving problems does work. There is definately a time and place for solving. However, taking the approach to life where each and every problem needs to be "solved" is probably causing you more stress than its worth!

Dissolving problems tends to cascade - so why not dissolve with a good meditation practice, and then solve later - whatever is left over?

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