Do You Need to Learn How To Let Go?



One of the biggest lessons I've learned from NonDirective Meditation is how to let go. Not only how - but exactly what a skill that really is, and how useful, and important it can be.

Letting Go is Mindfulness - Indirectly

So, I used to stress a little bit, about whether or not I was getting any mindfulness benefits at all, from NonDirective meditation. I mean, you hear all this stuff out there on mindfulness, and it really is something we all want in our lives.

We want time to move slower. We want to enjoy every minute with loved ones, rather than thinking about the next thing we need to do.

But it isn't clear whether or not NonDirective provides this benefit - since you're not really exercising the focused, mindful part of your brain when you're meditating.

NonDirective Meditation focuses more on letting go.

Letting go is so very important. We get hung up on so much in life, and we adhere to rules, and we try harder, and we succeed and we fail, and all of this is ok - but it leaves us in a constant state of reaching, or yearning, or wanting.

I think letting go is the very last step before mindfulness actually occurs. In other words, NonDirective Meditation gives you a path toward mindfulness that has more steps, but less effort, which is why it works for so many people.

Through many weeks, or months of NonDirective meditation practice, you continually practice not having expectations, going into a situation with an innocent mind, not having pre-conceived notions about what you're walking into.

You are constantly learning how to let go - of thoughts, expectations, reasons, everything. Without any effort.

You're also helping your brain to silence the inner chatter, so what you're left with is a clean slate, and an innocent attitude.

Without the chatter, and without the expectations, all that's left is what happens. In a really naked and clear sense. Experience becomes the strongest factor in awareness. 

And that - leads straight to mindfulness, it can't lead anywhere else.

It took meditating a long time for me to be able to experience this. And I think you do have to experience it, you can't just be told and expect it to have the same impact.

This realization helped me make the full and confident transition to NonDirective Meditation from Mindfulness Meditation. I love MIndfulness Meditation, and I always will, but I do find that for me, NonDirective is worlds easier, and more fun, and it makes it easier to keep a good practice going.

Hopefully, you can give this form of mediation a spin, and see what it does for you. We've got a course you can try here as well as options for courses run by other sites / companies, located here.