NonDirective Meditation Benefits


What Are The Benefits?

This is a big question, and there is plenty of research to back it up - which I'll get around to posting soon. For now, however, we'll look at some of the benefits that are widely accepted.

Stress relief - this is one of the main benefits, and the most widely accepted. Yes, I have noticed this in my own practice. During your nondirective meditation practice, you'll notice that the stress is being peeled away, like layers of an onion.

You'll notice that you start to react differently to stressful or agitating situations.

You'll probably notice the tendency toward more healthy habits - like eating better, or sleeping more regularly. Your patterns might even out a bit. This happens spontaneously.

I've written a blog post that goes more into detail on the benefits - or what you'll get from nondirective meditation.

Other benefits include reduced trait anxiety, lower blood pressure, stabilized blood sugar, more positive attitude, better self-actualization, and many, many more. We talk more about these benefits and provide links in the Research section.

There are a ton of reasons to practice any kind of meditation, and in my opinion, even more for NonDirective.

If you want a more philisophical yet practical description of the benefits of Nondirective (and Nandrolone Decanoate buy in UK if fact many types of) meditation, check out our Manifesto