Why NonDirective Meditation Is So Easy And Beneficial For Stress


Do This

  • Reduce Stress
  • Reduce Irritability
  • Release issues from long ago
  • Have a special time just for you, every day
  • Become more understanding, loving, compassionate

Without Doing These things:

  • Focusing really hard
  • Remembering complex rules or procedures
  • Putting in tons of effort
  • Getting frustrated


Maybe you're stressed out. Maybe you need to learn how to let go of some issues that have been holding you back from some of your dreams and goals.

Meditation is a great way to do these things - and tons more - we'll talk about the benefits more in a bit.

The issue with meditation that keeps a lot of people from it is that some folks find it difficult and even more stressful to concentrate or focus on their breath, or they think it's going to be hard. 

Now, the concentration and focus meditation techniques are truly amazing. They have their place in the world, but the learning curve on those can be steep, difficult, and depending on your personality, can be hard for you to learn.

Enter NonDirective Meditation. It has all of the benefits of other techniques, but it's easier - it's fun, relaxing, blissful, and you'll look forward to it every day!

Most meditation techniques will land you in roughly the same place. But the false perception out there is that you need to do it this way or that way - when in reality - you just need to meditate. You need to find a style that fits you and works for you, and then just do it.

I struggled with breath meditation for a long time - focusing on my breath - and I still do it, and I think it has benefits, especially for certain people, but for me, NonDirective styles of meditation really seem to be more natural.

There is a sense of innocence in the NonDirective technique. Non Judgement. Freedom. Flow.

Those are just some of the reasons that thousands of people choose this technique day after day.

NonDirective is the best way to begin and learn meditation - and it's something you can do you whole life long, or you can switch up and try other practices later.


There's no religion associated with NonDirective Meditation, and regardless of your religion, you'll find that NonDirective Meditation doesn't compete one bit with your current religion.

It's just here to help you get through life, be a better person, and relax and enjoy doing it 🙂

Check out the rest of this site for more on this technique, as well as benefits, and consider learning the technique.