What About Mindfulness vs Nondirective?


The stuff we talk about here on this site - Nondirective meditation - is a little different that the type of meditation technique that's commonly called "mindfulness Meditation".  They differ in technique - but their goal is the same.

Hands On Beach - MeditationI don't think there needs to be any dissent among the practitioners of either type. Techniques vary - even from within the realm of nondirective - and what works for one person may not work for another.

You'll notice on twitter, I follow, converse with, and re-tweet stuff from the mindfulness folks - because we're all friends. We're all going the same direction.

When you practice nondirective meditation, you'll find that in daily life you'll actually become more mindful. You'll notice that even when you are meditating, you will be using that mindfulness skill set - just minus some of the concentrative effort.

That is one of  the reasons I say that even Buddhists can practice Nondirective meditation, if they happen to like the technique.

We all want and need the benefits from being more mindful - and many of those benefits are the same benefits you'll get from mindfulness meditation.

All forms of meditation are meant to slow you down, to center you, to let you get to know your true self, and to allow you to generate, and accept true happiness from within - where it comes from.

I recommend that anyone who practices any type of meditation also practice mindfulness in every day life. When you're doing the dishes - know that you're doing the dishes, be fully immersed. And I'm not talking about climbing in the sink with the dishes - although that might be one way!

I'm talking more about feeling the warm water, thinking about the various dishes you're cleaning, and what they have been used for - what they will be used for in the future.

Just be involved in your own life. It's basic mindfulness and it's a beautiful thing.

I do read some argument online about which type of meditation is better, and I don't understand the passion behind it really - because it's a personal thing. I started this site because I found nondirective meditation to be more beneficial for me, but I did learn a ton about myself through the mindfulness practice, and I do also have my own spirituality that is only benefited by my nondirective practice.

So yes, nondirective folks, you can have mindfulness, and don't think that the mindfulness folks can't have transcendence. They're different paths to the same ultimate goal. Call it universal consciousness, world peace, knowing your true self - whatever it is to you.

Embrace it, find a technique that works for you, and embrace that - embrace your self, and love others for doing the exact same thing, even if they happen to land on a different technique than you.

This is your journey, and it's also our journey, but you can only dive inside yourself, so do it your way.