What Do You Get From NonDirective Meditation?


Road mountainsThe NonDirective Meditation Benefits You Don't Need a Study To See

This is what makes it so easy for me to recommend this type of meditation to those around me - it's the benefits that we're going to talk about right here.

I'm not going to tell you about things like blood pressure, blood sugar, or higher test scores, or even increased creativity.

I want to talk about what you get as a person, how meditation can increase the joy in your life, and the things you'll probably notice after weeks and months, not years and years.

You'll find your peace

From the first time you try meditating, you'll probably notice that you find some amount of peace - and that is one of the things that keeps people wanting to meditate more, in the beginning.

You start to realize that the peace you've been looking for can be found easily within - and after maybe 20-100 times meditating, an interesting things begins to happen - you realize that the peace you've been looking for actually dwells within you, and originates from within you. That's a beautiful moment - buy steroids uk finding that peace.

In theory we all know that peace exists, and probably within ourselves, but when you experience it on a regular basis, as with nondirective meditation, you start to KNOW it, and knowing it brings that peace to reality - it puts it in a place where you can feel it any time of day - not just while you're meditating.

Your relationship with yourself

Your own sense of self grows immensely in the first we months of meditating. I found that I looked forward to the next meditation session, because I knew I would get back in touch with something that, until recently, I hadn't been in touch with since I was very young.

It was a very familiar feeling of knowing that comes from really being in touch with myself. Each time you meditate, you get to experience that, in varying levels. On the whole, this feeling grows, as you practice more.

You'll be less reactive

You'll also be more thoughtful. If something irritates you, you'll find yourself spontaneously stopping to think about it, rather than having the immediate and uncontrolled reaction that you may have in the past.

Your confidence will go up

I found that everything confidence related got a boost - and I think it is from knowing myself so much better. Befriending myself, becoming good enough for myself.

I have always hypothesized that most of people's self confidence issues stem from themselves - from within. Even if somebody else caused / started your confidence issues - you're the one holding on to them. So get to know yourself. Find out the truth through experience. You're good. You can accept yourself fully.

Your stress will go down

Maybe it's because stress is caused by one of the things above. Lack of confidence. Not knowing yourself. Not enough peace. Or maybe it's the other way around.

What we know about nondirective meditation is that it actually releases stress. This will happen over time, and as a result, much of what I talked about above is achieved.

So there we have it. Five pretty major benefits that you can test yourself just by learning one of the nondirective meditation techniques.