What Is Effortless Meditation?


Meditating without effort

Girl Meditating By The WaterEffortlessness is an uncommon word these days. Especially here in the west, where we associate effort with success, or value.

That's one of the first "agreements" you'll want to break when you start an effortless meditation type - you don't have to always put forth effort to be successful, or to be valuable - in fact - in many cases, it's quite the opposite.

Effortless meditation helps you in two important ways:

  1. It helps you dive inside, and experience your true self - who you really are. It's that self that you occasionally get a glimpse of, but aren't able to directly experience on a regular basis.
  2. It brings that true self out into the world, so you can enjoy the benefits of that self - such as clarity of thinking, less stress, more compassion, feeling closer to others, etc.

If you've meditated before, you're probably a little more well versed in the importance of a decent schedule for your meditation practice, and some of the other elements, but you might have a harder time dropping the "concentrative" element of the meditation you've been doing, and adopting the "efortlessness" aspect we're talking about here.

Don't worry or stress, however, if you just remember a few simple things, effortlessness can be yours.

If you're concentrating too hard, trying to change or force anything, you're probably not doing it right.

If you are straining in any way, you need to stop 🙂

Just remember that effortlessness is the answer to any question you have - and you'll soon come to understand the key to efortless meditation. It's that simple and obvious, and for that reason, some folks find it a bit challenging, until they "get" that we really do mean effortless when we say effortless.